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Making a Significant Difference
Pinetree Helps Organizations Respond

Pinetree helps organizations drive and extend their corporate strategy by working in the complex areas between marketing, technology, and HR.

Our strength is our ability to customize our proven methodologies to meet each organization's unique needs. We work across organizational silos to help management achieve meaningful and significant results:

  • Web and Social Media Strategy
  • Design
  • Development
  • Training

Our focus is on Professional Service Firms, Publishing/Media, Education, Financial Services, and Associations/Not-for-profits. We serve clients throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. 90% of our business comes from referrals.

What's New at Pinetree
Online PR and Social Media for Experts (4th ed.)
Online PR and Social Media for Associations and Not-for-Profits
As an outgrowth from our vibrant Social Media practice, we've written two 140-page how-to books: One for real-world experts on efficiently developing profile using Social Media, and the other specifically for Associations and Not-for-profits focusing on engagement, fundraising, recruitment, risks, etc. These books start at the strategic level, and then provide step-by-step instructions. Find out more at

New Blogs from Pinetree on Management Issues
In addition to our periodic white papers, we are now providing commentary on topical management issues. Read our President's "Make It Happen" Blog at The Blog is set up so that if you have any comments or additional ideas, you will be able to post them directly.

Marketing - The Buzz on Buzz
Traditional marketers have always defined their approach by the Four P's:  People, Place, Price, and Product.  Viral Marketing (VM), on the other hand, can be defined as the family of marketing techniques that make it easy -- or automatic -- for existing customers to refer new prospects.  This paper provides a number of VM ideas, identifies VM risks, and provides case examples of VM in action. Request a free copy .

Employee Retention
The cost of recruitment and training is 150% of an employee's annual compensation. Our Personal Balance Sheet Performance Program -- an enlightened, corporately-focussed work-life balance initiative -- is designed to flexibly integrate into existing HR strategies and processes, with three key goals: Increase Employee Retention, Improve Productivity, and Boost Motivation. Find out more at

Notes from the Field: a Practical Guide to Advisory Boards
Growing an organization profitably is a challenge at the best of times.  For small and medium sized organizations, setting up an Advisory Board both formalizes the planning process and provides the benefits of review and accountability.  In this white paper, we give context and practical advice to the entrepreneurial executive on Advisory Boards: what they are, how to set one up, and how they operate. Request a free copy.

Leaving the Mother Ship
Written by Randall Craig, published by Knowledge to Action Press.  When should you leave your job and look for another? Is there a way to excel professionally, yet still attain balance?  This book takes you step-by-step through the process of career planning, and provides practical ideas and advice.  Find out more, or buy the book.

Executive Audit for Technology and Marketing Strategy on the Web:   Many organizations have spent significant sums of money developing a web site, only to be disappointed by a poor return on their investment.  Others guess that they could be doing things better, but don't understand how or where.  The Pinetree Executive Audit helps determine whether this may be the case in your organization.  Request a free copy.


Pinetree Process
img Strata
Translate marketing strategy to tactics that work.
Pinetree Process
img Identify
Efficient usability testing that puts the user first.
Pinetree Process
img Personal Balance Sheet
Increase Employee Retention, Productivity, and Motivation

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